Understanding how companies build and exploit innovation capabilities


hroughout my career, I have explored how companies build and exploit innovation capabilities, exploring such questions as:

  • How should companies think about the choice between internal R&D vs external partnering for innovation?
  • How does organizational design affect innovative performance? How does culture impact innovation?
  • How can companies formulate and execute effective innovation strategies?

My most research work—described in my book “Creative Construction” – looks at how companies can sustain their capacity to innovate as they grow.


  • Creative Construction: The DNA of Sustained Innovation
    Creative Construction
    The DNA of Sustained Innovation

    Every company wants to grow, and the most proven way is through innovation. The conventional wisdom is that only disruptive, nimble startups can innovate; once a business gets bigger and more complex, corporate arteriosclerosis sets in. “Creative Construction” provides new thinking about how the scale of bigger companies can be leveraged for advantage in innovation.


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Case Studies

  • Flying into the Future: Honda Aircraft Corporation
    Flying into the Future: Honda Aircraft Corporation

    Harvard Business School Case no 618-012

    This cases examine Honda’s diversification into the light jet market.

  • Institutionalized Entrepreneurship: Flagship Pioneering
    Institutionalized Entrepreneurship: Flagship Pioneering

    Harvard Business School Case no. 718-8484

    This case examines an unusual model for innovation and entrepreneurship.