Creative Construction

The DNA of Sustained Innovation


very company wants to grow, and the most proven way to do so is through innovation.

Creative Construction: The DNA of Sustained Innovation

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“Whatever Happened to Blockbuster – Competing Through Business Model Innovation”

We tend to think about innovation strictly in terms of new technologies, but in reality, innovative business models have long been the key driver of both economic growth and competitive outcomes. Here’s an example…

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  • Ed Catmull, President of Pixar, Author of “Creativity, Inc."

    I really loved this book. Larger companies have so many opportunities to innovate, both in technology and business models. The problem isn’t scale, but with management practice and mindset; how do we think about, manage, or be smart about it? While it is hard to strike the balance between short-term needs and committing resources to bigger, but unknown changes, it is critical.

  • Noubar Afeyan, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer, Flagship Pioneering

    Highly engaging. …Gary Pisano is compelling and clear in explaining how companies can evolve their understanding of and approach to innovation, and come to see it not as something ethereal, random, or near-magical, but as the natural outcome of a set of efforts focused on culture, organization, and the bringing together of mindsets and ideas in creative ways.

  • Michimasa Fujino, Founding President and CEO of the Honda Aircraft Company

    Pisano systematically approaches the fundamental concept of business innovation in the real world.

  • Vicki Sato, Professor of Management Practice at Harvard Business School

    Refreshingly practical in its emphasis on the very difficult ‘how-to’ of creating value through innovation, while staying grounded in the larger theoretical considerations of strategy, organization and leadership.

  • Conor Kehoe, Senior Partner Emeritus of McKinsey & Company

    Innovation is the heart of economic progress. "Creative Construction" provides the intellectual framework to understand it, and describes the leadership, strategy, culture and skills for it to occur in well-resourced large organisations. Along the way, these ideas are beautifully brought to life by examples from the earliest days of the Industrial Revolution to the current era of the FAANGS.

  • Joseph Hinrichs, President, Global Operations, Ford Motor Company

    Finally, a book that speaks to me and, actually, any leader in a business that has been around for more than a few years, on how we can creatively use our scale for innovation. The next time you hear people opining that innovation is the province of the nimble startup have them sit down and start reading "Creative Construction."